WordPress app beta

I like the WordPress app for the iPhone so much, I decided to sign up to beta test the upcoming versions.

This is beta version 1.4, and this is the first test post to a blog. Though this won’t be a daily entry, I will be creating a catergory for it.

What’s Done is Done

I got a app off of the iTunes store a while ago and have been using it daily ever since. The app is called DONE, by Chilli X.

If you have ever used a “to do” program (also known as a GTD [Getting Things Done] application) you’ll have an idea of what it is. It seems that as these types of programs have gotten more popular they have also gotten more expensive and more complex. Not so with DONE.

It is easy to use, allows you to list your tasks with a minimum of tapping and rewards you with exciting sounds! In addition, it only costs 99 cents!!!

Before you plunk down the big bucks for Things or OmniFocus, try DONE first.