WordPress app beta

I like the WordPress app for the iPhone so much, I decided to sign up to beta test the upcoming versions.

This is beta version 1.4, and this is the first test post to a blog. Though this won’t be a daily entry, I will be creating a catergory for it.

WordPress for iPhone

I’ve been using the WordPress app for the iPhone for the past few days to post. It’s pretty remarkable. It definitely makes it easier to write at the spur of the moment (once you grow accustomed to using a small keyboard).

Because of the small typing area, I downloaded another app called The Thumb, which has improved my speed and accuracy in typing with one finger but there is no horizontal mode… This means if you’re older than 13, your thumbs literally cover the entire keyboard.

Anyway, the WordPress app is great for jotting something down quickly or responding to comments or editing previous posts. It could use a little improvement but it’s a fine product.

Another WP upgrade

Just when everthing seems to be running smoothly, I noticed that there’s a new version of WordPress. It’s version 2.8.1. I am hesitant to upgrade given my previous experience, but that was with the auto-update. I’ll have to do it manually even though it takes longer.

I’ll have to wait until I have some free time. Not sure what the advantages are… If any. 🙁

I’m Back

After spending some time,… not blogging … I have returned. So much has happened in my absence. Looks like the Democrats have started to move toward progress, and the Republicans are maintaining the status quo.

Every Freaking! Day with Rachell Ray: An Unauthorized Parody by Elizabeth Hilts has been released and is on sale NOW! In paperback even!

The Superbowl Champion Giants beat the Patriots… again, even though it was only pre-season, and the Giants have their first official season game Thursday against Washington.

I’ve seen a bunch of movies, including Tropic Thunder, and will tell you about them later this week.

Also, I noticed yesterday that Google has come out with a web browser (Chrome). Only for Windows machines at present. This comic will explain what makes chrome different other been being open source.