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I’ve been experimenting with a tracker product called Nedstat, on another site that I have. So far, it seems very easy to set up but it has the drawback of showing to the world what all your stats are. In this regard, it is like eXTReMe Tracking. For this site, I use Site Meter. Site Meter doesn’t have quite as pretty an interface, but it gives you a lot of information and it allows you to set the extent to which you want to share your visitor information with … visitors.

I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with Site Meter here. Even though TypePad gives tracking information, it is not quite as detailed as I’d like. For instance, it seems people drop by this humble place mostly on Fridays or Saturdays and mostly in the afternoon. That specific type of information is not available with the TypePad information.

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  1. I agree with you on Sitemeter but I’ve also been using StatCounter for a while too. If you’re tracking more than one site you can switch between “projects” (sites tracked) very quickly rather than Sitemeter’s cumbersome method of logging out of one identity and logging back in as another. But I’m still fond of Sitemeter and would hate to give it up, although I should make a choice soon because I’m trying to reduce pageload time.

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