let the eagle soar

Salon.com Politics:

“It has been a depressing week for Democrats. Shirley Chisholm and Bob Matsui died over the weekend. A slew of new Republican lawmakers were sworn in Tuesday. John Kerry announced Wednesday that he won’t participate in any formal protests against the presidential voting by electors from Ohio. Alberto Gonzales will begin his road to confirmation as attorney general Thursday. And if all that’s not enough, Trent Lott has announced that a singer from ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ will perform John Ashcroft’s ‘Let the Eagle Soar’ at George W. Bush’s inauguration.

Don’t you just want to read more? They really know how to write a lede over at Salon.com. You’ll need to register for the day (by watching an ad) if you don’t already subscribe.

One thought on “let the eagle soar”

  1. Granny said, “Things could get worse”, and sure enough, they did. We may get Kerry to stand up – he had better.

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