who else got $$$

So, Armstrong Willams was given close to a quarter of a million dollars (US) to push the No Child Left Behind bull being touted by the bush administration’s Department of Education. That’s $240,000 of taxpayer’s money (that’s you and me) to a minor player to spread propaganda.

While the corporate media examines its navel and declares that they are not broadcasting propaganda as news, a major question remains unanswered. If that much money was paid by the bush administration to Williams, how much was paid to “others”. Seems to me that the financial doings of the Department of Education should be public record (since it’s public money). I’d love to know what other right ring palms are being greased.

One thought on “who else got $$$”

  1. Right on! I read that Bushco is saying it was an isolated incident and anyone who believes that deserves to be ripped off in taxes. Then, when news agencies or US spokesmen say anything against Bush, they are attacked, loose jobs and commit suicide (?). This is a rough, rough time for freedom of press.

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