lives in the balance

Two years ago, on February 15th, there was international protest against going to war in Iraq. Here in New York City, the official estimate by the police department of the number of people who protested , I believe was 500,000 people. I was there. I’m betting dollars to doughnuts it was closer to a million people. And believe me,… it was cold!

I took loads of pictures and made an iMovie slide show (Quicktime – free download) out of some of the images. Whenever I’m feeling that things are bleak, I look at that iMovie to lift my spirits. It reminds me of the range of people I saw that day,… all ages, all races, all kinds of people together for one reason. Diversity at its best. So, I figured I’d put it here. I had to shrink a 480meg file down to 8 megs, so the quality and type may be a little less than desirable, but I hope you like it.

I just realized that with the smaller file, you probably can’t read who the music is by. The song is written by Jackson Browne and is called Lives in The Balance. It is perfomed by Richie Havens on his album Cuts to the Chase.

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  1. Can’t get it to play, but will work with it until I do. I really, really want to see your video as it will definitely cheer me as well. Thank you for all you do. You are very important to the Peace process that is moving forward as we read this.

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