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I got an email from Six Apart last night (they run TypePad) informing me that now, as a Basic subscription customer I’m being given a free Photo Album. Photo albums are kinda like blogs for photos. Talk about complicating my decision.

So I’ve been playing around with the album thingy today and will probably set one up. This will mean, of course, going through a lot of old images and seeing what I want to use. At present I am using Flickr, which is a fun site. Hmmmm….

I’ll think about this tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “photo albums”

  1. It’s also possible to get Flickr to post your images to your TypePad photo albums or blog. I do that, and it’s a cool way to hook the two systems together.

  2. Thanks for the link, Daisy. The majority of the info is way above my head, but I figure I’ll learn something by going through it.

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