odds and ends

The Senate passed a resolution yesterday to allow oil drilling in Alaska. The law still has to go through the house of representives, though. The Christian Science Monitor has a thorough article with this surprise:

Advocates say they can do this with minimum damage to the fragile tundra; activists say it’s a sham. Meanwhile, oil companies themselves reportedly have lost interest in the project.

So, why drill there? read the article.

Sometimes I read something on a blog and the phrasing hits the nail on the head. Like the distinction between Christians and Biblers as described at Knock Knock:

Biblers live in the old testament
and the Book of Revelations, the past and the future, but never the
present time. These poor sods live in a world of hateful rules and
regulations and fear of the future.

I’m going to have to read up more on this “intelligient design” fad. Seems to me that it includes (and actually promotes) the possibility of being created that alien life forms.

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  1. hey thanks for the link. Didn’t know you had been there. I’m really at work right now and just dove at a vacant pc to check up on folks…gotta go.

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