who is being protected?

“On a party-line vote, the House Judiciary Committee rejected Rep. John Conyers’ resolution that would have required the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security to provide Congress documents regarding ‘security investigations and background checks relating to granting access to the White House of James D. Guckert (also known as Jeff Gannon).'”

“It simply defies credibility,” Conyers said, “that a phony reporter, operating under an alias, who couldn’t get privileges in the House or Senate press gallery, could receive scores of consecutive White House day passes without the intervention of someone very high up at the White House.” Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the Republican committee chairman, said there was no need for a further investigation because the Secret Service — the agency involved in giving Gannon/Guckert access in the first place — had already determined that nothing inappropriate had happened.

(Via Salon.com Politics.) You’ll need to subscribe for the day (for free) to read the whole article.

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