I haven’t commented on the Terri Schiavo case for a few reasons. One, this is a family situation and an obvious conflict between Ms. Schiavo’s husband on one side, and her parents on the other. Two, this is not a recent situation. It has developed over a number of years. Thirdly, this does not belong in the political arena.

It is because of the third reason that I feel compelled to react. The extreme right wing of the Republican party have taken what is a personal family issue and are attempting to politicalize it for their own benefit.

I wonder how many of their supporters are aware that bush, when governor of Texas, signed into law a bill that gave hospitals permission to cease treatment (even against parent’s wishes):

While Congress and the White House were considering legislation
recently in the Schiavo case, the Texas law faced its first
high-profile test. With the permission of a judge, a Houston hospital
cut off life support for a badly deformed 6-month-old baby last week
against his mother’s wishes after doctors determined that continuing
life support would be futile. The baby died almost immediately.

(via The Seattle Times)

So, when bush makes a trip back from vacation (again?!), specifically to advance a statement such as, “…it is wisest to always err on the side of life,” I can’t help but feel nausea. This from the governor who holds the record for most people executed, who puts forth a budget cutting medicaid and veteran’s benefits. These extreme right wingers are not only arrogant, they have absolutely no shame… it is disgusting.

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  1. There is so much to admire about the US but the fact that any man but especially a man like Bush can be almost solely responsible for life and death decisions sickens me. Especially when the system that brings many to death row is so very flawed. Have you heard Sister Helen Prejean talk about Bush on this issue? Makes me cry every time.

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