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Time was, when there was no “liberal” voice on the radio while there had to be at least three to four or more right wing shows. Fortunately last year, Air America Radio came around and gave many of us hope. People were able to stream it even if the shows weren’t broadcast in your area. Most of the voices heard on the station were as angry as the listeners and Al Franken was the most moderate of those voices. Despite his whoops of “lies and liars” at the bush regime, he avoided giving any credibility to the obvious voter fraud being carried out in the last election. He also seemed to keep Michael Moore at arms length, as if Moore was too radical. Don’t get me wrong. I like Franken and his book is hilarious and provides important information, but he’s more of a Democrat than anything else.

Now the station has hired Jerry Springer who makes Franken seem like a flaming left wing radical. Springer has replaced Rachel Maddow, Chuck D. (and Liz Winstead who left the show [Unfilitered] earlier). I couldn’t believe my ears the other day as a caller suggested that bush be impeached and Springer responded that he didn’t think that was the way to go. So the time slot (9a-12p in the NYC area) that used to be home to true firebrands is now the abode of warm milk and white toast. I wonder what would happen if he and Randi Rhodes met.

I haven’t seen the HBO show, Left of The Dial yet, but I taped it the other night and hopefully will see it this weekend. Anybody else see it?

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  1. Unbelievable. Jerry Springer, the mediator of trash now posing as a liberal talk show host. Guess they wanted to get away from the professorial image – very far away.

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