under attack

Wanna feel your blood run cold? (Well probably not, but read this anyway) From Seeing the Forest:

“What it is time to do is impeach justices,” Texas Justice Foundation President Allan
Parker extolled a crowd of a hundred or so conservative lobbyists,
attorneys and activists. “The standard should be any judge who believes
in the ‘living constitution’ should be impeached.” [emphasis added]

These are people who want to overthrow the US government. Just because they don’t have an invading army landing on our shores, does not make them any less dangerous to the society and the constitution (which was designed to protect the society).

3 thoughts on “under attack”

  1. This is getting too scary for me. I just read an account of Bush being booed during the pope’s funeral. Now that gives me hope that there are religious people out there who will not support this fanatical agenda. Can you imagine booing at a funeral?

  2. I also heard that Bush got mixed up (as usual) when approached by reporters at the Vatican and he started on his SS speel. I think if Bush were in the casket, 3/4 of the country would have cheered and a small minority would mourn.

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