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I’ve been testing out WordPress as a blogging software for a couple of months now and am pretty impressed. Initially I was having problems with trackback, but when the program was upgraded recently to 1.5.1, the problem disappeared.

As far as differences go, Typepad is easy to set up and start blogging. WordPress is easy to set up too, but you have to have your own hosting service. You also have more control over the look of your site with WordPress as compared with the TypePad basic service, but you need to know more.

I just recently discovered that WP has future posting. Which means, you can write a post and set a date and time for it to be posted. I’m not sure is Typepad allows this or not. I’ll give it a quick test now.

Nope,… doesn’t seem to work in basic. As soon as I hit publish, even though the time has not arrived, it publishes.

3 thoughts on “software comparisons”

  1. I think you can do it in your own hosted install of Movable Type but not here at Typepad (but it’s worth opening a help ticket?)

    I’ve also been playing with WordPress for a while, very impressed so far but I’ve yet to investigate whether I’d be able to copy comments along with posts if I were to switch. I’m very keen to move but I don’t think I would if it meant losing comments.

  2. I haven’t opened a help ticket, Daisy, but found in the manual that future posting can be done with the Plus and Pro accounts on TypePad.

    I know there are scripts out there for moving posts from TypePad to WordPress, but I’m not sure about comments. I’ll have to check around.

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