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I just read on Washington Monthly, that The New York Times will be charging a $50 subscription fee for accessing its Op/Ed columnists, starting in September.

I guess this makes sense because the NYT has long ago, ceased to be the paper of record. Where were the stories on Gannon/Guckert, or the secret British memo and how did Judith Miller get away with her stories that pushed war. Maybe they were shifting all their manpower to another area, like a thorough and boring and inconsequential series on class in America. Anyway, the point is, their news section is definitely of lesser value than their columnists. So, I guess that would be the area to charge for. You can find this note in the upper right hand corner of the front page online.

The Times is announcing Times Select, a premium package that will
include its Op-Ed columns, its special voices in business, metro and
sports, and greater access to its archive. To learn more about the
offering, which will be available in September, please read the news article and a press release.

Leonard M. Apcar
Editor in Chief

2 thoughts on “times to charge fee”

  1. Now that is downright ignorant on their part. Don’t they know how the internet works? Don’t they know that someone will scoop up their information and pass it around the net for free? We also have subscription breaker software that lets anyone get past the subscribe thing. Geeze. Don’t they have any geeks on staff to advise them?

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