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Though I don’t make it a regular read, I have perused some of the writings on the Arianna Huffington site (sorry folks,… I don’t see it as a blog). But she has a neat post from yesterday.

In his otherwise terrific insider’s take on the Deep Throat story, former Washington Post editor and columnist Bob Levey says that the ‘next Watergate’ won’t happen without ‘Big Journalism.’ I couldn’t disagree more. It will happen in spite of Big Journo… and because of the “little journalism” of the blogosphere.

Take the biggest under-reported story of the moment (at least in America): what the Downing Street Memo reveals about the Bush administration and how it led us into the Iraq war.

Seems everyone but the Conservative Corporate Media knows this is a big story. After my absence, I got up to speed on this subject, by following the many links on Povertybarn.

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes – we need as many bloggers and activist people on this as possible. Kerry is supposed to do a thing in the Senate on it Monday – I hope he uses the words impeachment and treason.

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