another leaked memo

Kevin Drum posts at the Washington Monthly site that another memo from the Downing Street meeting has been released by the London Times.

The London Times has gotten hold of yet another leaked memo prepared for Tony Blair in July 2002. This one says that Blair had already agreed the previous April to support military action against Iraq, and therefore some way needed to be found to make it legal:

He also expresses doubts about it receiving much coverage here. After watching The News Hour on PBS last Friday in which less than two minutes was spent on the Downing Street Memo and at least five minutes was spent discussing Howard Dean’s apt description of the Republican Party, I must agree with Drum.

One thought on “another leaked memo”

  1. I’m shocked; just shocked that Michael Jackson didn’t appear with them to talk about how his difficulties were totally screwing up Bush’s SS message. That was an actual interview question to Bush – is the Jackson trial causing your SS crusade to fail? I don’t know what the news (and I use that term lightly) people are doing, it’s not the news.

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