he doesn’t care

Devastating hurricane. People homeless, dead. Buildings and roads destroyed. Flooding still occurring. An entire American city being evacuated. Meanwhile:

Bush was in San Diego to deliver a speech commemorating the Allies’ World War II victory over Japan and promoting his war-on-terror agenda. Later today, he is due to fly back to Texas, but spending only one night at his ranch.

He doesn’t even fly over the area for show (you know,… a photo op). What a shameless person he is. But I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s just the way he acted during the 9/11 crisis. I wonder how much it will take before his defenders accept the fact that he really doesn’t care.

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  1. Did you stop to think about what would happen if the President did visit right now. Let’s see, local law enforcement would have to stop rescue efforts in order to shift their priority to protecting him. Don’t you think the effort to rescue, house, feed those effected is a bit more important? On your 9/11 statement, Did you think the President should have rushed to visit the site’s of attack JUST for a photo op? My god man our country was under attack and no one knew what was next. The first order of business is to protect OUR government. Even President Clinton wouldn’t have had any control over where he was taken during such an attack. (you will notice that I refer to President Clinton with his title intact as I respect the office of the President if not the man)

  2. According to AP President Bush has returned to Washington and had Air Force 1 fly over the effected areas. There is your fly over. I hope our legislators follow his lead and stay away until the situation stabilizes.

  3. Fly orver or not, the rest of the country had deep worry lines because we were aware that this was a very, very serious situation and Bush, once again seemed disconnected with the majority. In addition to this emotional coldness, all the New Orleans news sites report that they pleaded for funds to repair the levees for the past 4 years and were turned down specifically due to the financial drain of the “nation building” effort in Iraq.

  4. I agree that this is not a partisan issue, but is about the people in need. You were the one who began by attacking the President for not visiting (as if his visit would help ease the suffering) The President (all President’s) do the job from wherever they are. All the vehicles, aircraft and support personel are equipped to keep whoever is President in complete communications with everyone/anyone needed. As this recovery effort is in the hands of local, state and FEMA officials the Executive and Legislative branches will have very little to do with it other than to release money and shift National Guard troops for the recovery. In addition, Mary, I understand that the levees have been in need of repair for longer than 4 years so what was the reason before that?

  5. Just a note to let you know I won’t be visiting your blog for a while. My reserve unit has been activated and will be providing security and relief efforts in New Orleans.

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