This Is Easy

I have to admit, TypePad makes it easy to get up and running very quickly and with style. I’m still disappointed with the text formatting however. It seems as as though they are using MS Java, which is notorious for only working well with windows machines.

What I like, is the ability to publish from anywhere. Just wish it was easier to add links.

Back At Work

As I said, one of the cool things is being able to post from anywhere. I have to go someplace soon, so I think I’ll test out the setting posting time and see if that works. Let’s try 11:30am, shall we? Hmmm, that doesn’t seem to work. I see, this is a Pro feature. The little clock on the posting page is simply for setting the time of the post.

Well, it’s the end of the day and I’m heading home now. I just checked the help area to see if there has been a response yet to my question about using the buttons on the posting page. No response yet. However, I have noticed that I can use a desktop client like NetNewsWire and that does allow me to use those features very easily.

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  1. typepad and ranchero

    One thing I find frustrating in Typepad is that since I have a Basic account, the only time I can trackback to someone’s post is if I use the Typepad Quickpost.

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