goodnight moon

A friend of mine sent me a link to a New York Times Op-Ed piece, with the following intro:

“Goodnight Moon,” the children’s classic by Margaret Wise Brown, has gone smoke free. In a newly revised edition of the book, which has lulled children to sleep for nearly 60 years, the publisher, HarperCollins, has digitally altered the photograph of Clement Hurd, the illustrator, to remove a cigarette from his hand. HarperCollins said it made the change to avoid the appearance of encouraging smoking.
– The New York Times, Nov. 17

The author of the column, Karen Karbo, then precedes to list the things in the illustration that could use improvement, such as (my favorite):

F. Given proximity and brightness of stars and moon, it’s apparent that Bunny’s room is in a high rise. Both windows lack either locks or any type of window guard or restraining device. Suggested change: To avoid the appearance of encouraging children to peer out of unsafe windows, and thus tumble to their deaths, digitally remove windows. Bunny can easily bid goodnight to a moon painted on the wall with nontoxic, lead-free paint.

It’s a hilarious column, with an accompanying illustration from the original book, conviently labeled. Give yourself a fun break and go read it.

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