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I just found the unofficial TypePad Users Forum and left a question about the trackback feature. There doesn’t seem to be a way to manually send a ping unless the other blog site is Moveable Type or TypePad. What it’s looking like, is that this property is not available in the basic version.


I was correct about the manual ping not being available in the Basic service. The journey can be found on the user’s forum.

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  1. Hi. I’m a new member of the Typepad community and am still wondering about what its advantages are compared to Blogger or other webblog providers. Would you mind saying a few short words about this? Thanks a lot, and happy blogging!


  2. Hi Joy. Welcome. For me, the biggest draw to Typepad is that I don’t have to get bogged down with code and yet have lots of choices. I have/had a Blogger account, and they have improved a great deal since I first joined. Actually since Google took them over. I find the Blogger deal a little more limited in how you set it up, but workable. I haven’t posted on Blogger in over a year.

    I have also considered WordPress, but as I said, Typepad is just so much more convenient.

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