Hancock: 4 stars

If you can only see one movie, make it Hancock.

It was with a half heart that I went to see Hancock today. My wife and I couldn’t decide whether to see that or Wall-e. We both figured that Wall-e would at least be entertaining, and Hancock had gotten mixed reviews. We decided on Hancock and From movie Hancockam I glad we did.

If you’re expecting something like The Hulk or Iron Man (I really loved Iron Man and thought it was head and shoulders over The Hulk), yes, you will be disappointed. Hancock is a little more cerebral. Imagine a super hero who does time in jail and drinks too much and basically has a bad attitude… that’s Hancock. Even though I thought I had figured out “the twist“, I was still surprised by the end. If you can only see two movies this summer (and that’s totally understandable considering the price of everything – especially gas), then see Hancock if you want something different, and Iron Man if you want more fun, but both are excellent choices. If you can only see one movie, make it Hancock.

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