Today is my last day of vacation. I did work yesterday, but that was just to fill in for someone. During my time off I was able to viisit a number of weblogs including those that I don’t normally visit. Got to see what the other half is doing/thinking. Very interesting.

Saturday, as part of my wife’s birthday present, we went to see the musical RENT. Sometimes, when a play has been running for a long time, the performances could become tired or stale. That is NOT what is happening with this group of talented performers. They are still very high energy and appear to still be having a good time. If you get a chance to see RENT,… DO! I started to make a link to the official website, but it requires Flash 4 and though it works with Internet Explorer, it doen’t work with Safari or OmniWeb. Well here it is anyway.

I’ve also gotten a chance to listen to the newly launched Air America Radio. Entertaining.

It has probably become pretty obvious that I’ll be keeping the TypePad account.

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