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It’s been weeks since my last post. No excuses. Just didn’t feel like typing. A lot has happened since my absence, including the deaths of Ronald Reagan and Ray Charles.

The Reagan thing, was very interesting. I’ve never seen such a love fest in the “mainstream” media here in the states. It’s almost as if they had totally forgotten everything negative about the man and painted this picture of a saint. That is not the Ronald Reagan I remember. I remember his arguing that ketchup is a vegetable for school kids, I remember people losing jobs and big blocks of cheese. I remember his comments about the homeless choosing to be so. I remember the invasion of Grenada. I remember thinking that if you were rich it was a great time, but if you were middle or lower class you were in trouble. I remember a huge US deficit. But hey,… That’s what I remember.

Meanwhile, Ray Charles has died as well. I remember songs like “Hit The Road Jack,” “Busted,” “America, The Beautiful,” and even a ditty by the Beatles called “Eleanor Rigby.” I remember that Ray Charles sang all types of songs from R&B to Country to whatever. That was the nature of his genius. He wasn’t bound by any categories and he was good at whatever he attempted. I’m sure he has had some flops during his time, we all have (… even Reagan). I remember seeing him in concert and his stopping the band from playing (in the middle of a song) because they weren’t keeping up with him. He scolded the band right there on stage and then started over. My understanding is that he was not an easy man to get along with.

The easy going guy and the hard to get along with guy. Your choice.

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