rnc in new york

The Republican National Convention will be happening here in New York, starting next week. [I should admit here that I had to really think about adding the link to the RNC, because it gives them free publicity, but I realized that bush is only one type of Republican… there are even Republicans tthat don’t like bush… I hope. Though none of them will likely be at the convention.) There are a lot of demonstrations planned.

One group is trying to get a permit from the city to allow a rally in Central Park. Central Park is in the middle of Manhattan and traditionally is where new yorkers relax, play, demonstrate and generally have a good time. The city (specifically Mayor Bloomberg) doesn’t want this to happen, ostensibly because the city recently (a few years ago) replanted “the great lawn” at a cost of something like 18 million dollars.

The decision from the courts should occur this week. Many see it as a choice between free speech or grass.

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