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There seems to be a distinct difference between the way the right wing (Republicans) and progressives (Democrats) are viewing the upcoming presidential elections.

Republicans appear to see this as a regular political campaign and their team is under attack by the left wing. No matter what evidence is presented, they will support their team. Progessives, however, will often consider the others’ view (some progressives even see this as a weakness).

Progressives tend to see this as a dire point in the history of the United States in which the very essence of what this country stands for is being destroyed. We feel Constitutional laws and safeguards are being dismantled by this present administration and any credibility we had with the rest of the world has been thrown away.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Nat Hentoff’s articles in the Village Voice:

Before this year’s Democratic and Republican conventions, FBI agents, with the enthusiastic approval of John Ashcroft, engaged in intimidating visits to watch-listed people considered likely to protest at the conventions. As an editorial in the August 19 Denver Post accurately charged: “They have gone about their mission aggressively, with little regard for basic rights and without evidence that the people they are trying to dissuade are actually intending any criminal activity.”

Often I’ll hear progressives make statements like, “I don’t understand how people could vote for him (bush). Don’t people see what he’s doing to the country?” Right wingers, on the other hand, make statements like, “I think he’s (bush) basically an honest guy… He’s someone I could have a beer with.” It’s almost as if they think this is an American Idol contest. (A reality TV contest made all the more infamous earlier this year when contestants who obviously could not sing as well as their competitors were voted on to stay week after week.) The teen girl vote is obviously a force to be reckoned with.

So, you have one group acting on the belief that the country is at stake, and the other acting as if this is a popularity contest and it seems …never the twain shall meet.

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