I have had a Palm IIIxe for quite a while. So, when it started to let me down by refusing to boot and loosing all my information, I decided I would have to get another one. Why another one? Well, it really served me well, it wasn’t a Windows based machine, and besides, it allowed me to pretend to have a memory.

I tried, at first, to return to the paper & pen route with a date book. That lasted for about 2-3 weeks until my wife said (after I had forgotten something… again), “When are you going to get a new palm?” It didn’t take any more coaxing. I was on the web looking for the latest tech wizadry that could satisfy my need before you could say “Palm is now called PalmOne.”

Eventually I went to the PalmOne site and perused the offerings. No way, did I need a $300 dollar machine. I just wanted something that did what my old IIIxe did – in a more colorful way. This led me to the Zire series and I settled on the Zire 31. The ordering method on PalmOne was simple and easy and the shipping was free if I accepted the slower ground delivery, which I did. I had it in a week.

After charging it up, I immediately loaded it with all my backed up data using Palm’s Desktop software (necessary for backup and restoration) that worked with the old Palm.

Now for some background. You may know by my aversion to Windows, that I am a Mac user. I’m running OSX 10.3.5 on a G4 400. My computer has three login accounts. My wife’s, mine, and an unadulterated account (one with no additional software other than the Palm Desktop software). So, I decided to install the new software on my account.

It wouldn’t install. I kept getting an “Access Denied” error. I looked at some of my favorite Mac forums to see if anyone had experienced this. Sure enough, over at Apple Discussions, it seemed to be an established concern. I found one answer that gave a link to the PalmOne site and a program (script?) to download that would solve the problem… it didn’t. Then I went to VersionTracker to see how people rated this software. Overall it had a 2.7 star rating (out of 5). Not glowing. And, there were numerous comments about problems gettng the installer to work. Fortunately, I thought, there was another potential solution… It didn’t work.

During this whole ordeal, it never occurred to me to try and install the program on the “clean” account. When I tried that,… it worked without a hitch.

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