The President Speaks

The President’s speech to school kids was fantastic… though probably boring to the older kids.

The hatriots did their best to demonize President Obama.  I hope sane people remember the ludicrous charges flung by the right, and recognize how little anything the racist/right says is based in any truth. Meanwhile, the President was asked about growing up without a father, from a kid whose parents divorced.

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He’s not a demon, he’s a man doing the best he can despite the interference from the illiterates who (predictably) kept their kids out of school.

Senator Edward Kennedy

Michelle and I were heartbroken to learn this morning of the death of our dear friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Michelle and I were heartbroken to learn this morning of the death of our dear friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.

For nearly five decades, virtually every major piece of legislation to advance the civil rights, health and economic well-being of the American people bore his name and resulted from his efforts.

His ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives — in seniors who know new dignity; in families that know new opportunity; in children who know education’s promise; and in all who can pursue their dream in an America that is more equal and more just, including me.

In the United States Senate, I can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. His seriousness of purpose was perpetually matched by humility, warmth and good cheer. He battled passionately on the Senate floor for the causes that he held dear, and yet still maintained warm friendships across party lines. And that’s one reason he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished Americans ever to serve our democracy.

I personally valued his wise counsel in the Senate, where, regardless of the swirl of events, he always had time for a new colleague. I cherished his confidence and momentous support in my race for the Presidency. And even as he waged a valiant struggle with a mortal illness, I’ve benefited as President from his encouragement and wisdom.

His fight gave us the opportunity we were denied when his brothers John and Robert were taken from us: the blessing of time to say thank you and goodbye. The outpouring of love, gratitude and fond memories to which we’ve all borne witness is a testament to the way this singular figure in American history touched so many lives.

For America, he was a defender of a dream. For his family, he was a guardian. Our hearts and prayers go out to them today — to his wonderful wife, Vicki, his children Ted Jr., Patrick and Kara, his grandchildren and his extended family.

Today, our country mourns. We say goodbye to a friend and a true leader who challenged us all to live out our noblest values. And we give thanks for his memory, which inspires us still.


President Barack Obama

District 9 – Review

…this will become a SciFi classic. Like Blade Runner, it is not the kind of movie that depends of special effects even though the major effect is almost constantly visible.

Well, I saw the movie District 9 yesterday.

This may be the summer movie of the year. And it may be the best scifi movie of the year, including the wonderful release called Moon, which I saw earlier this summer (I can’t decide).

It’s amazing to me that two real science fiction movies got released in one year. For so many years, I thought we would be left to the drivel being pandered to us on what has now been renamed The SyFy Channel. (rumor is that this is the new name because it’s how teens text it).

I won’t give you a synopsis of the movie, because you can find that anywhere. I’ll tell you though, the way the characters morph and your sympathies change is truly adult fair. No simple answers here. Just as the Rotten Tomatoes short review says, this will become a SciFi classic. Like Blade Runner, it is not the kind of movie that depends of special effects even though the major effect is almost constantly visible.

The special effect is always there.
District 9: One of the special effect is always there.

It looms there in changing light and does nothing, yet you know it will eventually play a part in this astonishing drama.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I loved this film. See it, see it, see it.

Of course it is not a perfect film and has a few faults. You might even pick up on them as you think about and review the film, but none of the flaws interferes with its brilliance.

District 9

I’m going to see the above named movie today. When watching the previews, it looked like it might be a Transformers knockoff (which I had NO interest in seeing). But the reviews are raves. Like this joint rating of 88% from Rotten Tomatoes:


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Reviews Counted: 140

Fresh: 123


Average Rating: 7.7/10

Consensus: Technically brilliant and emotionally wrenching, District 9 has action, imagination, and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science-fiction classic.

I’ll give you my opinion/review later today.

Fleming for Town Board

Bridget Fleming
Bridget Fleming

We hadn’t been in touch with our friends in Sag Harbor, NY (Bob, Bridget and Jai) for a while so when Bridget called to invite us to a party for Bob I was surprised when she informed me that she is running for office.

Bridget Fleming is an excellent lawyer, who at one time worked as Assistant D.A. under the famous Robert Morgenthau.

From her site:

Bridget has spent a great deal of time in the past couple of months traveling around the town, meeting voters. Time and again, the people she meets express their frustration that the government of Southampton is run by a select group of people, for a select group of people. For years, community voices have been ignored; Board members haven’t done their homework; and there’s been no accountability built into the laws the Board has passed.

I’ve known Bridget Fleming for many years and am confident that she will make a representative town government representative of the people that live there – not special interests.  Click on her picture to check out her web site.  If you live in the town, you might consider volunteering and even if you don’t, perhaps you can contribute.

What’s Done is Done

I got a app off of the iTunes store a while ago and have been using it daily ever since. The app is called DONE, by Chilli X.

If you have ever used a “to do” program (also known as a GTD [Getting Things Done] application) you’ll have an idea of what it is. It seems that as these types of programs have gotten more popular they have also gotten more expensive and more complex. Not so with DONE.

It is easy to use, allows you to list your tasks with a minimum of tapping and rewards you with exciting sounds! In addition, it only costs 99 cents!!!

Before you plunk down the big bucks for Things or OmniFocus, try DONE first.

WordPress for iPhone

I’ve been using the WordPress app for the iPhone for the past few days to post. It’s pretty remarkable. It definitely makes it easier to write at the spur of the moment (once you grow accustomed to using a small keyboard).

Because of the small typing area, I downloaded another app called The Thumb, which has improved my speed and accuracy in typing with one finger but there is no horizontal mode… This means if you’re older than 13, your thumbs literally cover the entire keyboard.

Anyway, the WordPress app is great for jotting something down quickly or responding to comments or editing previous posts. It could use a little improvement but it’s a fine product.

Another WP upgrade

Just when everthing seems to be running smoothly, I noticed that there’s a new version of WordPress. It’s version 2.8.1. I am hesitant to upgrade given my previous experience, but that was with the auto-update. I’ll have to do it manually even though it takes longer.

I’ll have to wait until I have some free time. Not sure what the advantages are… If any. 🙁