annual blog migration post

I’ve been considering the possibility of migrating this blog to a different service. Typepad has been really good to me, but I think I’ve outgrown it. I’d like to have more control over the blog’s innards. I’ve been on TypePad for years, but a couple of years ago I decided to play with WordPress.

If you check my archives, you’ll see this is not a quick decision. I’ve been considering it since 2005. It seems I always think about this topic at this time of year. Do a search for WordPress over on the right to see how long I’ve been thinking about it.

There are two (actually three) types of WordPress. The WordPress I talk about, is It’s a free download, but requires that you have a host for the files, and you must install it. The other is This is also free, but it’s like Typepad in that you have a lot less control over things. No download necessary,… takes less than five minutes to get a blog. The third WordPress is a multiple users version and is generally used by big companies like the New York Times (blogs).

All of this is to say, that I will definitely be moving the blog over to WordPress, but before I quit Typepad, I’ll need to find out how to move my Typepad Photos blog.

I don’t think I mentioned my hosting service, which has been really fantastic. They have been so good, that I have one of their tags at the bottom of my whispers blog. They’re called HostM.

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In a previos post, I said I’d post the details of my absence, so herewith, the details, in abbreviated form:

Can you take me to the hospital?

How long have you been feeling this way?
About half an hour.

You’ll feel about 5 seconds of discomfort.
A long 5 seconds or a short 5 seconds?

I am simply the source of the lines on the monitor.

You’ve tried it 3 times and no change?

20 of lidocaine.

Are you sure doctor?

Do we have any paddles? Let’s get some paddles on him.

Don’t worry,… it’s just in case.

You’ll have a weird feeling.

How do you feel now?

Okay… but my rips are numb. I mean my brips are brumb.

You’re probably feeling better now.

Ventricular Tachycardia

So what happened to me?

Your heart was beating at 202 beats per minute… normal is around 60.
You’ll be staying overnight.

ablation procedure

No haircut?

We got, what we believe was the main cause.

I’m back

I came back to work yesterday, despite still feeling crappy. In talking with my MD, I set up an appointment with a specialist for Thursday morning. Hopefully he/she will be able to pinpoint what is wrong. This is getting soooo tedious.

Meanwhile, I am learning a great deal about CSS and XHTML via the book mentioned earlier. I’ve also been following the tutorial over at WestCiv. The tutorial is an excellent walk through on CSS (and their product of course) while creating a web page. I have, so far, found only one inconsistency from what I have read elsewhere. For instance, in using shortcuts in CSS, the order I’ve learned is:
top, right, bottom, left. They give a different order. I’m not sure what the reason is.

I made the mistake of listening to Jerry Springer on the way into work. He actually thinks the powers that be, care about America. I think they care about themselves and their friends, but they have no love of country. They have done nothing to indicate they care about this country or its citizens. Wearing a lapel pin of the American flag is just not enough in my book.


You may remember back on Mar. 30th my complaining about being sick. Well that sickness never quite went away and in fact warranted a visit to the MD last Friday who prescribed something to suppress the cough rather than an antibiotic because she thought it was viral rather than bacterial. After the weekend, it became pretty certain that it was bacterial and she ordered an antibiotic. By this time, the coughing was severe enough to put me on my back (literally). So, I’ve been home from the past 2 days, without the will to even sit at the computer let alone type anything. Thankfully, I’m feeling better today and am hoping I am finally on my way to recovery.

Meanwhile I’ve had lots of time to read between naps and the book I ordered came and I’ve been perusing that. I am very happy with the purchase because the book fills in a lot of holes in my knowledge about XHTML and CSS.

Okay, that’s enough for now, time for another pill and nap.

i hate being sick

Oh boy. I was sick all weekend with a temperature and chills and aches. Fortunately, I had taken Monday off because we were having piece of furniture delivered. Even more fortunately, the delivery came early in the day so I was able to return to bed, where I had been the past two days. By Tuesday, I was feeling a little better and decided I could return to work. MISTAKE. I felt lousy most of the day, including the damn chills and tiredness.

So, taking hint from my body, I’ve decided to stay home today and try to recover.


I should be writing something about

  • the Senate and the bankruptcy gift they are about to give to credit card companies and banks at the expense of working class people,
  • or I should be writing about bush appointing an arrogant ass like bolton as ambassador to the UN,
  • or how American soldiers’ armor was waylaid,

or whatever, but all I can think about is how much I want winter to be over. No more snow… No more gray… I’m ready for spring.

lives in the balance

Two years ago, on February 15th, there was international protest against going to war in Iraq. Here in New York City, the official estimate by the police department of the number of people who protested , I believe was 500,000 people. I was there. I’m betting dollars to doughnuts it was closer to a million people. And believe me,… it was cold!

I took loads of pictures and made an iMovie slide show (Quicktime – free download) out of some of the images. Whenever I’m feeling that things are bleak, I look at that iMovie to lift my spirits. It reminds me of the range of people I saw that day,… all ages, all races, all kinds of people together for one reason. Diversity at its best. So, I figured I’d put it here. I had to shrink a 480meg file down to 8 megs, so the quality and type may be a little less than desirable, but I hope you like it.

I just realized that with the smaller file, you probably can’t read who the music is by. The song is written by Jackson Browne and is called Lives in The Balance. It is perfomed by Richie Havens on his album Cuts to the Chase.

editor & publisher

With all my focus on the debates and elections, I neglected to mention that one of the photos I took this year, got an honorable mention in the Editor and Publisher Annual photo of the Year contest. The photo had appeared in this blog before. Here’s what it looks like:

Elizabeth Menegon, sister to U.S. Army Special Forces Reservist Major David Menegon, rushes toward her brother who has just arrived at the Old Greenwich train station in Greenwich CT yesterday March 31, 2004. He had been in Iraq for 14 months.

It was quite an honor. As far as I knew, up until this week, I was in the running for the $1,000 prize. If you go to the contest page and click on the honorable mention title, you can see the excellent work of other photographers as well…. enjoy.