my birthday

Well, today is my birthday. I don’t usually make a big deal out of it. My wife and I had planned to go to a movie and then dinner, but I’m not feeling up to snuff (where did that expression come from?). So, we’ll order a video on demand and maybe order out – though, the way my stomach’s feeling, I’d just as soon not eat at all.

So, I’ve spent the day doing things on the computer since my wife got me Panther as a birthday present. It’s “way cool”, especially exposé. It really alters the way I work in that I can access everything much more easily.

This is an interesting birthday because, I was born on a Saturday the day before mother’s day. It doesn’t occur that often. The last time it happened my mother, who died in 2002, was alive.

This has been a very relaxing birthday… just the way I like it.

21 Grams

I watched 21 Grams yesterday on Video On Demand. I knew it was a good movie just by the way the critics had responded to it, but I don’t always agree with the critics. This is a great movie. I have to admit that in the beginning I was really annoyed with the way the timeline was presented to the viewer, but by the end, it was all worth it.

People have commented on how great Sean Penn’s performance was and it is a great performance, but the entire cast is fantastic. Especially Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts. Oh…OOOh and Melissa Leo (remember her from Homicide?). There aren’t many movies I am willing to sit through twice, but I’d do so with this one.

The story line can be located anywhere online so I won’t spoil it for you. FYI, The movie is NOT about drugs

tarantino movies

We went shopping yesterday at a giant mall about a half hour away. We always end up getting more than we can comfortably fit in the car (No, I don’t own an SUV – I actually have some concern about my fellow human beings on this planet), which makes the trip back an adventure.

Anyway, we found some good buys on a couple of DVDs. I got Reservoir Dogs and my wife got Moulin Rouge! They were 10 bucks each. Our friend was with us, and she mentioned that she had Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume 1 (see my Recent Films on the right. Long story short, she loaned us her copy, and we saw it last night. What a wonderful piece of cinema. Highly stylized with nods to a number of genres and filmmakers. Over the top as far as blood is concerned, but it’s so obviously stylized, that it’s plain it is not real. I’m looking forward to the sequel which has just been released to theaters (Kill Bill Volume 2).

After watching it, I figured it would be nice to get Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. I’d have a nice collection of some cool movies.

a thinking person’s quiz

I was reading The Republic of T the other day and came across a link to this Christian Science Monitor “test” for determining what your political stance is. The test is called the Neocon Quiz, but will actually drop you into one of four categories:

• Isolationist
• Liberal
• Realist
• Neoconservative

Be forwarned, that this is not a quick test (though it’s only one page). I had to read the options through a few times to choose one that fit my thoughts on any particular matter. Also, note that the questions deal mostly with international affairs.


Today is my last day of vacation. I did work yesterday, but that was just to fill in for someone. During my time off I was able to viisit a number of weblogs including those that I don’t normally visit. Got to see what the other half is doing/thinking. Very interesting.

Saturday, as part of my wife’s birthday present, we went to see the musical RENT. Sometimes, when a play has been running for a long time, the performances could become tired or stale. That is NOT what is happening with this group of talented performers. They are still very high energy and appear to still be having a good time. If you get a chance to see RENT,… DO! I started to make a link to the official website, but it requires Flash 4 and though it works with Internet Explorer, it doen’t work with Safari or OmniWeb. Well here it is anyway.

I’ve also gotten a chance to listen to the newly launched Air America Radio. Entertaining.

It has probably become pretty obvious that I’ll be keeping the TypePad account.