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Well, I was on vacation for a couple of weeks, and managed to see a few movies (which are listed in my typelist). Of the movies I’ve listed, Bourne Supremacy was easily the best of the lot. I got a chance to see Matt Damon in The Talented Mr. Ripley about a week later. Great actor, in my opinion, who is underrated. Gwyneth Paltrow delivered a great performance too.

I, Robot was a fun action movie and The Manchurian Canididate just wasn’t suspenseful enough for me.

movies seen

I’ve seen so many movies within the past few months, that I’ve decided I’ll have to limit my typelist to those I’ve actually seen in the movies. Otherwise, I’d be doing reviews forever. For just a short list of what I’ve seen recently on TV, I’d have to include The Fog of War, Lord of the Rings (part III), Dead Again (for the second time), Wendigo, Girl with the Pearl Earring, Master and Commander and Triplettes of Bellville. Those are just the ones I remember.

So, unless a movie is really fantastic or terrible (such as Wendigo), I probably won’t list it.


I was talking with a reporter friend the other day and I asked if said reporter had seen Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 yet (BTW, I found out that it has finally opened in the UK as of yesterday). Her response surprised me. She said she had not seen it, and that she didn’t like viewing or reading things that were so one sided. I had a talk with another person earlier in the week who said he wouldn’t see the film because he hated Michael Moore.

I was surprised by the reporter’s response because it seems to me ttat whether or not she agrees with the point of view, it would be her job to know what this phenomenon is actually about as opposed to what others say it is about. The film is of such magnitude that people refer to it as simply “Fahrenheit” now. i.e. have you seen Fahrenheit? Both she and the other person I talked to have already decided that they will not see the film. So I got to wondering, why. Okay, so the second person said he hates Michael Moore. Not the films Moore makes, but Michael Moore… as a person… someone he doesn’t know. The only conclusion I can make is that he says that he doesn’t like Michael Moore he’s not talking about his grooming habits (or is he?). He’s really saying he doesn’t like Moore’s politics. The reporter seemed to be saying the same thing but preferred not to reveal her political leanings and that somehow by going to this movie she would be confronted with information she’d rather not deal with.

My contention is that these are people who will not be swayed by anything negative about the Bush administration because they will not allow anything in, that contradicts their beliefs. There is a a fear that by viewing the movie, they will lose all sense of their own beliefs and be converted by Moore’s beliefs. They fear(2) they will be hopelessly lost in the land of propoganda. And fear(3), after all, is what the Bush administration uses to keep people in line as evidenced by Homeland Security maven Tom Ridge, the other day when he announced a new terror alert that conveniently vied for attention in the news with the announcement of a Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party:

Ridge said that in addition to elaborate security plans for the political conventions this summer in Boston and New York, officials are weighing how to protect polling places come November.

(Get it! Don’t go near the polling places, folks. They might blow up!). Alas, many are so engulfed in fear that they could almost be considered lost souls. There will be no convincing or persuading them. Perhaps they will follow eventually, but anger is not the answer to trying to change their minds. Nor Logic

21 Grams

I watched 21 Grams yesterday on Video On Demand. I knew it was a good movie just by the way the critics had responded to it, but I don’t always agree with the critics. This is a great movie. I have to admit that in the beginning I was really annoyed with the way the timeline was presented to the viewer, but by the end, it was all worth it.

People have commented on how great Sean Penn’s performance was and it is a great performance, but the entire cast is fantastic. Especially Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts. Oh…OOOh and Melissa Leo (remember her from Homicide?). There aren’t many movies I am willing to sit through twice, but I’d do so with this one.

The story line can be located anywhere online so I won’t spoil it for you. FYI, The movie is NOT about drugs

tarantino movies

We went shopping yesterday at a giant mall about a half hour away. We always end up getting more than we can comfortably fit in the car (No, I don’t own an SUV – I actually have some concern about my fellow human beings on this planet), which makes the trip back an adventure.

Anyway, we found some good buys on a couple of DVDs. I got Reservoir Dogs and my wife got Moulin Rouge! They were 10 bucks each. Our friend was with us, and she mentioned that she had Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume 1 (see my Recent Films on the right. Long story short, she loaned us her copy, and we saw it last night. What a wonderful piece of cinema. Highly stylized with nods to a number of genres and filmmakers. Over the top as far as blood is concerned, but it’s so obviously stylized, that it’s plain it is not real. I’m looking forward to the sequel which has just been released to theaters (Kill Bill Volume 2).

After watching it, I figured it would be nice to get Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. I’d have a nice collection of some cool movies.