Rachael Ray Parody

Do you like satire and parody? I know I do. It’s even better when you know someone who actually does it. My friend (Neil Swanson), worked on the photographs for a book coming out, that his wife (Elizabeth Hilts) did. It’s not released yet, but Amazon (in its infinite wisdom) will let you pre-order it NOW.

Yes, yes, yes…. this is a plug for the book, but come on… there are no other ads on this blog… at least not many. 8)

NYTimes Music Store

The New York Times has entered the fray of music downloads.

The New York Times has entered the fray of music downloads. When we got the Sunday Times, there was an insert offering two free music downloads so I went to the free music downloads site, and after entering the numbers that came with the insert, I ended up at the new Times store.

Interesting. Though the site FAQ claims that the store is accessible to iPod users, many of the songs available for download are in the proprietary WMA format. The rest of them are MP3 format, but the mp3s tend to be older songs. Something else that is different from stores like Apple’s iTunes Store and Amazon’s MP3 downloads is that rather than listing the songs’ prices, you are told how many points you need to purchase the songs. Right now, a single will cost you 89 points or if you would rather pay cash,…99 cents. The store offers point incentives if you recommend a song to a friend and they buy it.

I could get New Soul by Yael Naim at Amazon for 89 cents and at a higher recorded bit rate.

Just my opinion, but I think the Times has a way to go. Maybe I’m just mad because the welcome sign says “Welcome back, null.”