I know,… it’s been a while since I’ve made and entry. It’s not because I have had nothing to write about. With the attack on privacy, I especially want to encourage the use of PGP or GPG. In fact, I will be adding my public key to this entry, and will make it a permanent resident on the About Page.

What I’m interested in at this point in time though, is a program project called Jing. People probably know that I use Macs but this particular item is cross platform. It run on Windows as well as Mac.

What exactly is Jing? Watch the video tour on the Jing page. You will be seeing a few more Jing things here, and I’m sure in other places too. This is just an example of a still image:

Imagine if you could do something like this as a video, and imagine that it only took a few seconds to do. Think of the decrease in emails because Continue reading “Jing”