WordPress for iPhone

I’ve been using the WordPress app for the iPhone for the past few days to post. It’s pretty remarkable. It definitely makes it easier to write at the spur of the moment (once you grow accustomed to using a small keyboard).

Because of the small typing area, I downloaded another app called The Thumb, which has improved my speed and accuracy in typing with one finger but there is no horizontal mode… This means if you’re older than 13, your thumbs literally cover the entire keyboard.

Anyway, the WordPress app is great for jotting something down quickly or responding to comments or editing previous posts. It could use a little improvement but it’s a fine product.

A Movie Day

I saw two movies yesterday. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince & a wonderful film titled Moon.

Potter was much better than I expected! In fact I really enjoyed it. By now people should know that the movies don’t follow the books exactly but they do follow them faithfully. I’d recommend that you see it!

Moon, is a film that you won’t find often at the multiplex but is definitely worth tracking down. Watch the preview… You’ll see what I mean.

This post is also a test of publishing from the iPhone. It could make it easier to post on the run.


I have not mentioned here, that for Christmas, I received an iPhone 3G from my wife.  Now, I have never lusted for an iPhone 3G nor even mentioned it to her.  It just seemed to me to be another electronic gadget, but I’ve had it almost two months now, and you’d have to forcibly prior it from my hands. 🙂

front screen of iPhone
front screen of iPhone

What makes the iPhone so good, is not only the tight integration of the programs that come

Some of my iPhone apps
Some of my iPhone apps

installed but apps you can get that add to its usefulness. Many are free or 99 cents. Now I won’t go anywhere without it.  Right now, one of my favorites is Flixster, for finding movies.  But, my favorite is something called Koi Pond.

The purpose of Koi Pond is, well,… it doesn’t have a purpose.  Perhaps that’s why I like it.  The stereo sound of the thunder is fantastic.