Fleming for Town Board

Bridget Fleming
Bridget Fleming

We hadn’t been in touch with our friends in Sag Harbor, NY (Bob, Bridget and Jai) for a while so when Bridget called to invite us to a party for Bob I was surprised when she informed me that she is running for office.

Bridget Fleming is an excellent lawyer, who at one time worked as Assistant D.A. under the famous Robert Morgenthau.

From her site:

Bridget has spent a great deal of time in the past couple of months traveling around the town, meeting voters. Time and again, the people she meets express their frustration that the government of Southampton is run by a select group of people, for a select group of people. For years, community voices have been ignored; Board members haven’t done their homework; and there’s been no accountability built into the laws the Board has passed.

I’ve known Bridget Fleming for many years and am confident that she will make a representative town government representative of the people that live there – not special interests.  Click on her picture to check out her web site.  If you live in the town, you might consider volunteering and even if you don’t, perhaps you can contribute.