first post at new blog home

This represents my first posting on the new Starfire blog. Everything seems to have moved here without problem (posts, comments, dates).

This represents my first posting on the new Starfire blog. Everything seems to have moved here without problem (posts, comments, dates). I do need to go through the posts and find all images that are stored on the Typepad servers or else when I close down that account, I’m concerned those images will not be available.

While searching through tie archives for the various images, I came across one of my favorites, that I got from Peacechick Mary. It holds up. I just wish I had saved a bigger version

Speaking of images, I’d like to post the starfire image on the About page… What About page you ask? I haven’t finished working on it yet. 😉

annual blog migration post

I’ve been considering the possibility of migrating this blog to a different service. Typepad has been really good to me, but I think I’ve outgrown it. I’d like to have more control over the blog’s innards. I’ve been on TypePad for years, but a couple of years ago I decided to play with WordPress.

If you check my archives, you’ll see this is not a quick decision. I’ve been considering it since 2005. It seems I always think about this topic at this time of year. Do a search for WordPress over on the right to see how long I’ve been thinking about it.

There are two (actually three) types of WordPress. The WordPress I talk about, is It’s a free download, but requires that you have a host for the files, and you must install it. The other is This is also free, but it’s like Typepad in that you have a lot less control over things. No download necessary,… takes less than five minutes to get a blog. The third WordPress is a multiple users version and is generally used by big companies like the New York Times (blogs).

All of this is to say, that I will definitely be moving the blog over to WordPress, but before I quit Typepad, I’ll need to find out how to move my Typepad Photos blog.

I don’t think I mentioned my hosting service, which has been really fantastic. They have been so good, that I have one of their tags at the bottom of my whispers blog. They’re called HostM.

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software comparisons

I’ve been testing out WordPress as a blogging software for a couple of months now and am pretty impressed. Initially I was having problems with trackback, but when the program was upgraded recently to 1.5.1, the problem disappeared.

As far as differences go, Typepad is easy to set up and start blogging. WordPress is easy to set up too, but you have to have your own hosting service. You also have more control over the look of your site with WordPress as compared with the TypePad basic service, but you need to know more.

I just recently discovered that WP has future posting. Which means, you can write a post and set a date and time for it to be posted. I’m not sure is Typepad allows this or not. I’ll give it a quick test now.

Nope,… doesn’t seem to work in basic. As soon as I hit publish, even though the time has not arrived, it publishes.