WordPress.org changes code for video

It appears that WordPress.org has changed the way to put video on your blog.

Before, one could insert the url into the video icon for adding media (on the Write Post page), and if it were a YouTube video it would insert something like:


This would show up on your post as a screen with the familiar arrow, and clicking it would play the video for you. Now, you insert the code and then give the link a name, and a link shows up on your site. That’s it. No graphic of any kind, plus the link takes the viewer away from your site.

In order to get the display of the video the way it was before, you have to copy the code labled “embed” (on the YouTube page) and paste it in the HTML editor. Then, all is well again. 😉

It works like this.

Here’s the link method.

And here’s the HTML method.

At first I didn’t like it, but I see now that this offers more options than before… Good job WordPress.org!

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